Duncan Council approves resolutions to help save money

Duncan City Council met in their last ordinary gathering for the period of September and endorsed a few goals to help the City of Duncan set aside cash over the long haul. 

In the principal thing of the ordinary gathering, the City of Duncan heard the assent plan which included approval of the City Manger to go into a concurrence with Honeywell Technologies to commonly end the gatherings' legally binding commitments. 

Likewise in the agree plan was to perceive the renunciation of Ward 1 Councilwoman Jennifer Smith successful Sept. 27, 2021 and furthermore reestablishment of plans and arrangements for property rent understanding. 

It was supported with a 3-0 vote from Mayor Robert Armstrong, Councilwoman Patty Wininger and Councilman Nick Fischer. 

Councilwoman Lindsay Hayes was missing from the gathering and didn't record a vote all through the gathering. 

Gathering likewise supported the acquisition of the 12 traffic regulators from Econolite in the measure of $35,716.56 to be supplanted along U.S. 81 Highway. 

It was casted a ballot 3-0 to endorse the buy, with the chamber then, at that point, moving to a couple of goals that elaborate a few activities including water line enhancements, meter upgrades and upkeep projects. 

Individuals from the Oklahoma Water Resources Board were available and the principle individual offering remarks to the gathering individuals was Alan Brooks. 

Streams told board individuals that there were three plan things in the customary city gathering meeting with three exchanges for various notes including wastewater line enhancements, AMI meter System Improvements and Water Line Improvements. 

"This eventually brings about reserve funds for the city expecting loan costs today something to the tune of $119,000 investment funds," Brooks said. "So it does two or three things, one we set aside some cash and two we are returning some credit extension that we needn't bother with that gives us ability to do another things. That is the general outline of what we are doing." 

Chairman Armstrong said they have endeavored to get these investment funds for the City of Duncan and likes how this will help the City of Duncan in later tasks. 

Councilwoman Wininger additionally underlined this is something incredible to deal with essential necessities of ensuring the city can deal with different frameworks by setting aside cash. 

Casting a ballot 3-0 in all plan things in the City meeting, Armstrong needed to guarantee the residents of Duncan that this is something extraordinary to help the city set aside cash and help on future ventures. 

The Council deferred in the ordinary gathering and in the Duncan Public Utilities Authority meeting, they likewise endorsed their assent plan and afterward supported a few arrangements and goals.