20 Genius Ways to Save Money, According to Experts

dollar saved is a dollar earned.

And while there are no quick fixes to managing money,  suggests following some simple steps can make a huge difference.

"It's never too late to change your mindset, your spending habits or your financial future," The Money Movement founder told Newsweek.

"Savings doesn't have to be difficult, or boring. Sometimes all you need is to think outside the box a little, and with the positive encouragement and ideas from those around you, the possibilities are endless!"

In the wake of a post-pandemic world, some people's disposable income has started to pile up on the sidelines.

"This has caused many to examine their finances a little more closely, thinking more about spending habits, savings, and future financial goals."

1. Set a Time Limit When Shopping

"People go to the store for a couple of items and end up staying and shopping until their cart is full.

2. Eliminate Shopping As a Hobby

Boredom can be a big catalyst for shopping. We live in a fast-paced world and having moments of stillness can feel uncomfortable.

3. Shop Secondhand

Tons of 'secondhand' items being resold are brand new, less expensive than retail prices, and come with the added bonus of price negotiation, making shopping secondhand an affordable option for most everyone.

"Using online secondhand platforms, frequenting your local thrift stores, and following sellers on social platforms, are great ways to make thrifting exciting and accessible.

4. Harness Budgeting Apps

believes you can use the spending insights and analytics on budgeting apps to quickly review past statements and spot any bad spending habits and pointless subscriptions.

5. Go Freelance

 believes there are plenty of opportunities to save money when working freelance.

6. Use a Cash-Back Shopping Portal

7. Treat Your Savings Like a Non-Negotiable Bill

8. Switch Cell Phone Carriers

 suggest this one switch could save you more than half of your monthly bill—but you have got to shop around.