‘live the beach life and save money’ — take a look at what they eat, spend and do in a week

In 2016, my family and I passed on Chicago to begin a daily existence outside of the U.S. We went through two years in Mazatlán, Mexico, and presently live in Antigua, an island in the eastern Caribbean Sea. 

A many individuals fantasy about doing what we did, however don't feel prepared to take the leap. They regularly request that what it resembles carry on with the sea shore life. I inform them regarding the amount we partake in the more slow speed of life. 

We've since fallen into a lovely stream based on our youngsters and interests. While it's difficult to record everything, this is what we do, eat and spend in a regular week: 

With kids, the non-weekend days are quite occupied 

When my alert goes off at 5 a.m., I attempt to begin my day with either a walk or a run along the sea shore. I love the cool island breeze and watching the dawn. 

Obviously, with three children (ages 8, 9 and 10), the mornings are consistently occupied. We have a basic breakfast at home — cereal, fried eggs and some natural product. We spend a normal of $150 each week on food and attempt to eat the greater part of our suppers at home. 

Then, at that point, we're out the way to school. Month to month educational cost is $200 per child, and we're exceptionally satisfied with the degree of instruction they get. The children additionally like it and have made bunches of companions from everywhere the world. 

This mid year, they delighted in soccer camp. For $60 per youngster every week, they figured out how to spill, pass and score objectives. 

Later in the day, we may stop by the neighborhood natural product represent bananas and avocados. We likewise love mangos! When in season, a pack of six to seven mangos costs around $3.75. 

My significant other is an educator at The American University of Antigua College of Medicine, the biggest clinical school on the island.Photo: Gabriella Lindsay 

After we drop off the children, my significant other and I are set for work. He's a teacher in the Education Enhancement Department at the American University of Antigua. 

Individuals love carrying their workstations to the sea shore, however I like to sit on my porch, where it's tranquil and without sand! As a business mentor for business people, my work depends vigorously on a decent web association. Limitless high velocity fiber web here costs $120 each month. 

I as a rule work from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on work days, and here and there on ends of the week in case I'm facilitating a video preparing. 

Since we're setting aside such a lot of money here contrasted with the U.S., we've had the option to recruit servants — about $45 each week — to assist with some profound cleaning around the house. 

In any case, there's much to do on our end, as well. Like clockwork, my significant other is accountable for topping off our 100-pound propane tank that we use for cooking, which costs about $57. Furthermore, we burn through $3.70 to top off our 5-gallon water containers every week. 

Tidying up after our pandemic little dog and cat additionally takes up a lot of time! 

Alone time with my better half 

As guardians, we trust associate with each other and talk about things other than the children. So consistently, my better half and I make it a highlight get to know each other. 

We'll get espresso and food at a nearby bistro, where we partake in certain waffles or a customary Antiguan breakfast of saltfish, hard-bubbled eggs and plantains. A decent formal dinner runs us about $15 per individual.