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Lovinland Reviews
  • Kaijulee

    Fast respond and good communcation service!

  • Auretta

    Good will be buying agen

  • Jodyy

    Amazing support. Thanks a lot!

  • Kaede Tsunahime

    Fast answer, the guy i speaked with was : jessie ! That was perfect

  • Fallen Aeons.7650

    Got my order refunded all fine, but the order itself was a different story.

  • RemoveShock

    Best mod ever!!

  • Toteemineito

    Helpful and prompt! Thank you!

  • Kushin

    rly nice :)

  • crylina x

    Gives their time to check my order and respectly.

  • Neachu

    Very helpful and friendly

  • Hydra

    well done ! thany you !

  • Dark'knight Kirito

    Was every helpful

  • Exhire

    sweet and professional service not 4 stars worthy its 5 star quality

  • ImSquishy

    friendly and kind

  • Merf.7462

    4(5) stars for giving me a discount code before I even asked. Much respect and love.

  • Johannes


  • kyrissa

    Awesome service, really polite and in a timely manner.

  • Scofflaw

    Extremely kind service :D

  • Tomm?

    Best customer service out of 7 similar sites i have visited

  • Fonikibekatsa

    Perfect customer service and fast delivery!

  • Daenerys stormborn'

    Nice when a small site like this gives better support than amazon x

  • Cazacomi

    very helpful and fast thank you

  • Bearis noire

    Patient and helpful

  • exial

    Fixed my issue in swconds

  • aelion nya

    Emily made the gold buying processing quick and easy!

  • Asillia

    Good service, nice english! Everything!:)

  • Idk my7

    The best!

  • Eternal S?ul

    so fast :D

  • Cchimbooo.3564

    excellent service... brilliant

  • Yndrax

    great Support! fast delivery!

  • Silvavelli

    good service, friendly

  • Laroxz

    Fast pro reply. <3

  • thunder below.9702

    Great help! And patient!

  • ?h??

    Good service!

  • hi

    Helpful and Flexible service!

  • bricheta

    very friendly.

  • spinningkila

    Awesome ! :D

  • Shweppes

    Fast, accurate and friendly.

  • Hippopotamus

    Very fast and efficient service!!

  • talespin

    very helpful, quick lunchbreak

  • Mistake Birth

    Best as always

  • Arenyl

    Perfect assistance.

  • krevra.4289

    Deserves 5/5

  • Xenoeth Kryll

    very polite awesome service

  • cncpyroo

    Jesse is very nice and helpful.

  • seige

    Jessie was great. I wish the in game players were as casual as Jessie was.

  • TBC

    I wish you the best.

  • Twister phase

    Friendly service.

  • Vi'vi Black

    REaly nice to speak to and good service

  • Veelah

    EMILY great fast service! very helpful.

  • Hiruka Sora

    great customer service! Also, great english ^_^

  • x?h?Ax

    Incredibly fast service, and the staff goes out of their way to contact you despite out of hours on other messaging platforms for any concerns.

  • kidoptimist.5429

    At the moment I'm fine with this service.

  • Hellzghóst

    lit af

  • Vhighvoltage

    Very quick service and helped me out with multiple purchases and getting bonus gil

  • Kakugyoki

    Kind ?

  • m?jo

    just like it should :)

  • iwinyoulose777

    Really fast and nice

  • Leyla Rune

    Always happy with the Service

  • AssGas.5108


  • Yuee

    Helpfuly, realy sympathic

  • Hylly

    She is nice and ofc best support ... time is for sure killing machine

  • Maya Yotsuba

    great service as always

  • Evenshade Alchameth

    Fast, and polite!

  • V?rl?ken

    I am mind blown at how good this service is

  • mistypop

    Quick Support! 4 stars

  • reina izumi

    very kind and helpful, a pleasure to talk to while waiting for my order. her service was swift and there were no issues at all and she was also very polite.

  • Oshiri

    John was awesome! all transaction done within 10 minutes

  • arosso

    fast respond

  • Vad

    Perfect! I wouldn't buy from anywhere else. =]

  • Kaneko Konatsu

    support good.

  • Zehnsin

    fast service!

  • Deathseakers

    Super nice and straight to the point

  • KendrickKhari.4061

    Very nice to chat with.

  • HeHasNo

    very nice guy . do very quick job

  • Destapanalga

    Thanks Jessie!

  • NbS

    Above and beyond service expected!

  • kobato hasegowa

    Very understanding

  • Infeld

    Very nice and Helpful

  • Zeronix

    help me with that i needed very good staff member! keep up hard work

  • Leximus

    very good and fast job < 3

  • Sona Etwahl

    great service very fast

  • YayoiP

    Quick answers

  • galixar


  • slimei

    Emily was awesome, quick response, intelligent on all questions asked, super service!

  • jayce poldiac

    Quick and Easy change!

  • smokesum

    Way better this time. Only have gave 3 stars once while rest are 4. Thx again

  • ugur

    Was gone several minutes at a time. Wanted unwarrented information. Doesn't type in a professional manner. Kind and helpful.

  • Neunshi Endeligt

    Kind and efficient

  • Achita

    she so cute love you EMILY

  • Halz

    Thank you for helping me!

  • DarkHunter

    Awsome service

  • I

    helpful and kind! Hope to get the service within 8h as we speak... Thank you Jessie

  • annalin

    Short and precise

  • Serttok


  • Aradiana Urthadar

    Nice, Fast, and amazingly helpful customer service :D

  • Dweebz

    Very nice.

  • BagosStorm

    Prompt response!

  • iorek eddrr

    Great service, very responsive and helpful!

  • Tina

    Rly good service. Leo is the best! :)

  • Sileste

    Did amazing!!

  • Relaxed

    Fast support ;D

  • Ceal Pulse

    Service was great!

  • Tupsi mati

    very nice customer service would buy again :D

  • Vrendt

    very nice person =)

  • Realen

    Emily is extremely helpful :) Great service

  • Firestonez

    THANK YOU!!! Fast responses, and very helpful!

  • hessess

    Super Support to find and Help Problems^^

  • Eth?

    Amazing and fast answers to all my questions. 100 % sure you'll get an order from me again in the near future!! Keep up the great work

  • Suri Heartbeat

    Always top service, best response time and help.

  • maika

    so awesome!

  • Xanderalex

    helpful and quick <3

  • Miu Auborne

    Thank's a lot !

  • Combb

    thank you, very much.

  • mayuyu

    Great as always :)

  • Broóke

    quick and fun !

  • dukee

    lucie just gets it. she is the best.

  • Tentacle Senpai

    Still the very best customer support i've ever had. Always on point and very fast to help you.

  • noirid

    good the attention :D