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  • Sumardo

    Really quick and nice awnsers ^^

  • Anonymous

    Upon realizing my mistake the SSE team worked rapidly to come to a solution that was agreeable. I will be happy to use/recommend this service in the future.

  • Anonimus

    As always the Best there is !

  • O S I M O

    fast deal. easy. will shop again

  • jahlion

    It was fine.

  • Saya Endou

    Lucie is a kindly girl , Lady , works fast , bud don't promises a discount code at costumers " lucky7 " thats dont works , whe never receive a present from yours if we buy a order. Some times a present is welcome for the costumer.

  • 1.11E+16

    awesome guy!

  • Vongola Tenth

    Best of the best !!!! 100% trust this vendor 2 years now !

  • Mika Park

    Good service and helpful!

  • kalo lion

    Emily was amazing!! She explained everything clearly and concisely to help me resolve my issue. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!

  • montrose

    best rep.

  • Dylan Minazuki


  • Dakielor

    thx ;D

  • Niuh

    Allen is fast and very helpful.

  • Shushu

    Resolved issue.

  • Normlee

    was helpful, only half my order for now.

  • Kaboummm

    good and quick

  • NotoriousNaru.1705

    Fast pro reply. <3

  • Harukì

    Perfect service thanks:)

  • eazzy geauxz

    very fast and reliable!!!

  • Thelxiepia

    They were very helpful.

  • Telvan

    nice stuff bro

  • NightMihawk

    well deserved four stars !!

  • Just kidding

    Helped me with my Question.

  • yds

    Great service - even though i waited for a little longer then 30 min ^^

  • Reptíle

    still waiting...

  • Sekien

    Very fast and polite, excellent service!

  • Xellos

    best of the best order so fast and so easy

  • Pimpchimp.3784

    good and fast service

  • Dozenn

    awesome help thanks

  • Vice President

    Fast response.

  • dyl

    best service <3

  • Qaiyn Dark

    best one out there!

  • Snyz

    Extremely fast and the support is always on top of things. These guys are my go to for sure!

  • Felbrez

    dat 4 star tho

  • Eve Altais

    good attention

  • Treid.4718


  • Thana

    Sean is the baws!

  • Vor'el

    helped me not get scammed. thank you!

  • CruelAngel

    attention was very friendly!

  • Diviciacus


  • nulgath

    pretty nice

  • BlueTailx

    Fast, simple and helpful

  • Leitna

    100% satisfied!

  • Cold_Edge

    Here you go

  • Eukos

    Thank you Jessie for being patient and helping me today!

  • Hass Chi


  • Pesky

    Was very friendly and curteous

  • Fefe Goes Esport

    Think ended too early, still waiting in game after befriending

  • Broóke

    Excellent service and quick delivery

  • froot loops

    Woo thanks

  • Na Ru


  • Jenkins shinmen

    Good time

  • Nadill?

    friendly and always helpful

  • Kuku San

    contact was oke but not happy about the promice wat was make... Thanks Jessie for the help

  • Marl Everlast

    quick and fast

  • Envice

    Awesome support, thank you

  • capt drako

    Great service easy to deal with

  • Play Magic

    Quick and accurate update

  • Enkan Kotowari

    awesome service as always !!

  • eazzy geauxz

    Emily is professional!

  • Methyle

    quick responses