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Dentalhygienenation.Com Reviews
  • mkuk.9026

    Friendly, quick reply

  • Dark Beater

    perfect service, quick and firendly delivery

  • Felicita

    Easy and fast help! thanks

  • A'rella Rhoswyn

    Great response time and very friendly

  • Garen Gwol

    Always happy with the Service

  • yapvitch.3941

    Like always Nice deliver and very nice supporters :)

  • Michael

    Very quick help fixing an error I made on my order

  • Rei Neko

    Great services, would recommend to anybody, very friendly and fast, recognized me and that was pretty cool ! :) feelz like a privilege

  • Supra

    very helpful and nice fast answers

  • Matreden

    thank you very much see you later

  • Me

    Really fast to respond which is very nice

  • pizzaislife

    Fast, and nice. Super easy to get my answers.

  • Rubennicolia

    Awesome service...Thank Sofia

  • Aiya

    Very quick, professional and nice service. Will definitely use again!

  • Synistro

    great support, thanks!

  • josenta

    fast and very friendly service

  • kousoki

    Quick, easy and polite

  • ronin tenzen

    awesome and real!

  • Cassandra Quicksilver

    thnx jessie :) that was fast :D

  • Zalloux

    Very quick response time, friendly responses.

  • lynux legion

    Awesome thanks jessie

  • Bambadava

    Very informative and reassuring to help me decide on my actions, given my short given time frame.

  • ?anshé

    Quick responses , friendly, intelligent customer service I would give it 5 stars.

  • Shweppes

    Some of the best service I have ever received, I value your hard work! Thanks for everything!

  • Isínia

    Helped out fast

  • Ituss

    Great service!!!!!!!!

  • Lumie Final

    GREAT service!!!!! :))))))

  • Adroushan

    fast like hell. recommended

  • Kupoc Kapik

    Best place ever for quick clean polite services.

  • Geirr?d

    FANTASTIC HELP!! super fast and friendly! Keep it up!!!

  • Sennex Shadowbender

    quick and simple


    perfect <3

  • Starple

    she is the best

  • cowdk

    Allen is the best

  • Alisin Lau

    tgreat fast service

  • Arma Geddon

    Very responsive and understandable, Please more people like this. xD

  • acelike

    Fast response, great support!

  • Kusuno Rin

    Very helpful. Every time. That's why I keep coming back

  • odr sykursyn

    Sean was very helpful and straight to the point. fixed my issue in less then 2 mins

  • YayoiP

    Cool guy

  • iwinyoulose777

    Very fast efficient and nice to talk too give this man a raise he deserves it with being as patient and courteous as possible with me

  • Guts.4270

    Incredibly fast service, and the staff goes out of their way to contact you despite out of hours on other messaging platforms for any concerns.

  • MrAvalon

    Quick response, and trustworthy operator

  • Kaijulee

    Awesome service by Allen! Thank you so much!

  • kenotrue

    Good talk...nice service friendly Jessie ;-)

  • Milo

    they awnsered all my questions

  • Pavel

    Perfect again :)

  • stella stria

    very nice customer service would buy again :D

  • ludixx

    Very quick response and answered my question immediately.

  • Koshiso

    Good service, fast with answer and reply to questions.

  • kenneth.7965

    Returning customer

  • Fallenangel

    Very fast, polite and helpful support, Thx for the great service

  • Due

    Emily was great and very helpful

  • Greymoonn

    GooD assist

  • char

    order was fixed and awaiting delivery

  • iwinyoulose777

    nice service!

  • flystone19

    was helpful, only half my order for now.

  • Grimbledore

    realy nice and helpful

  • Alexander Malkavian

    ? awesome help thank u soso much :D

  • Matsukiro

    Nice help

  • basic

    very nice thanks al lot

  • syltar

    Nice and polite.

  • Tri Edge

    Very helpful with information

  • Kotoro-son

    Have patience and is very helpful ;D

  • Amy Greywater

    great help thanks

  • timothy

    very helpful thank you

  • Decent.6895

    fast and effective, liking it

  • LEVI702

    Super friendly and helpful!

  • Oscowski

    Great customer service agent!! <3 <3

  • Kotenara

    Thanks a lot !

  • Crizzle

    Very good and fast

  • Sakura meow

    Fast, friendly, perfect

  • Hydro Speed

    Good service, fast with answer and reply to questions.

  • lllVeigarlll

    Fantastic! :D

  • Ulaen

    thanks a lot ^^

  • Engi Itherian

    Fast and efficient help, great experience, ty

  • Mr_FataI

    Very quick response and answered my question immediately.

  • perhapsiown

    proffesional service ;)

  • ikap

    Sean is a great rep

  • Axey

    Very nice support :)

  • Leandro

    Very nice and honestly person =)

  • Ish'raliah Hena

    Was every helpful

  • Odinrock

    Allen is my favorite support dude to work with. He is super polite and easy to talk to and get what I need each time. Thanks Allen and SSE rocks once again!

  • GraceBlade

    Very helpful with order issues and solutions.

  • Valtaria

    fast !

  • isilverangel

    Helped expidite order, always leaving me satisfied

  • DieX

    Very friendly and to the point.

  • Reis Heiral

    very nice. thanks

  • tojden


  • Hero Gar

    Allen was very helpful when i selected the wrong server. I will be purvhasing more from SSE in the future.

  • Blou Blou

    No comment. it was all good!

  • iseeyoox

    Super fast responce

  • PowersSan

    Helped me through the process, and responds quickly.


    Good Service!!!

  • Argus Auborne

    <3 thanks Sean, Allen and ruby!

  • elithyia targaryen

    fast responses and a great help

  • Latexflame.3108

    As always professional and fast help!

  • Goettlich

    Great support!

  • pracy


  • ConFighter.7349

    Super awesome customer service

  • Pat duquette

    fast and good ty

  • uhtréd

    Emily is always so terrific to make transactions with, answers questions quickly and helps me in a short amount of time :)

  • Ramdanette

    hope you guys deliver fast!

  • Framboisine.1894

    Wonderful people! Love this site, be back soon!!!

  • wofeboy

    Fantastic service! Very speedy!

  • Nachogrande

    fast, smooth and profeessional!

  • Saemund Shade

    Extremely patient.

  • Tyanie

    Excellent, and fast

  • miliyas

    Fast, professional, courteous,

  • iotus

    Great service! Have used pvpbank for a year now!

  • AzalieKai

    very helpfull !

  • Kathaas

    Sean is awesome

  • Godra

    Helpful, but slow to respond ^_-

  • Skeety Brown

    very helpful and made sure to tell me in advance my server didn't have full stock and how long it would take and my order will come in a mannerly timeframe this is customer service ^^

  • seyiku miki

    fast deal. easy. will shop again

  • Jemz

    Jessie is the best !

  • Rivot Korvir

    Emily have the best service on this website.

  • Bonkers

    Thx a lot Jessie

  • daser

    Found my order real quick, polite, nothing to say but Thanks !

  • naraxim

    awesome and fast help :D

  • MadBowJobs

    fast answer ^^

  • GodsAngel

    nice one :]

  • Zero

    Very friendly and patiente :)

  • Aioros

    amazing so Helpfull

  • A?sling

    Worked perfectly

  • Pannatoni

    Very helpful indeed! Needs a promotion!

  • mafkeesje

    great service! very fast!

  • anbusdruid

    Everything was Excellent guys ty so much

  • candy lemon.3902

    Darryl D

  • Yoriii

    i hope it works well

  • Záíd

    Very helpful cutomer service, swift and efficient :)

  • eliana kanshi'voy

    Awesome site operators and in game people

  • Shizukane Shi

    Great Service, a bit trouble some with the stock for the buy i made, but we worked outt a great deal. so im really satisfied!

  • Rokie

    Jessie helped me today :) Fast and friendly! have a nice day.

  • Zoretez

    Great service. Please send me updates for Albion Gold/Silver.

  • Cali archer

    costumer service full star

  • Y'os

    Fast and very sweet! ?

  • Seksi Ornot

    Very helpful and concise on just what I needed to get what I wanted. Thank you !

  • RangoHilt


  • Celistine Ageai

    Nice guy

  • Legrande Glendore

    good operator, service way slower than advertised

  • Loussier Stella

    Great and fast!

  • Hyllix

    fast as always

  • Lil Yura

    Very cooperative people. Awesome.

  • Yaara Cokcustard

    always best service

  • Tetepo Hehepo

    jessie stayed with me for over half an hour to sort out why my item have not been delivered yet it was a great help thanks Pvpbank :D

  • peukjeroken

    Great service ;D

  • demonkenshin

    Quick help and a really Nice person

  • Blou Blou

    best price and best seller

  • Warhiet Bodruith

    Fast and helpful

  • Schwank

    lit af

  • Pile

    Good customer support, very quick and reliable.

  • n?f

    Awesome help, and service.

  • Karimatsu

    best service <3

  • Robustess.1496

    Perfect like always =)

  • Qiniang Izanami

    emily is so great :)

  • Dixiesie

    EMILY great fast service! very helpful.

  • Mrkozx.3279

    everything i needed to know was answered and i was directed ij the right direction, thanks again for the great services

  • Angela Fury

    perfectly polite and helpful

  • Julnsane

    Fast delivery. Thank you

  • Naria.6240

    unfortunate that the website isnt taking prepaid card but the support was helpful

  • dxb

    the staff is wonderful, and emily is the best staff member a man could dream of

  • Bullies

    Very helpful associate. was a pleasure

  • Glas soseriouz

    Thank you for your job :)

  • little booty

    Pretty good service

  • Zam Tzu

    Very helpful and helped right away

  • spydr

    great support

  • Neros

    awesome, he did all i wanted and mroe, keep good job

  • rhacal

    Friendly and helpful!

  • Moiety

    Everything Worked

  • Twister phase

    every good, fast easy

  • Sidious Ren

    service was fantastic very clear understanding on both sides of the conversation. extremely satisfied

  • Marko

    Emily have the best service on this website.

  • Luna Paparo

    Very fast response and very good customer service.

  • Ikiko Zanick

    Very helpful with fast response times

  • kyronamato

    Polite and fast

  • karma cerelia

    professional and very quick to help

  • Nymphêtamin

    The operator was helpful and kind!

  • oOMayOo

    Great responsiveness!

  • Evie Rakuen

    good information

  • Sharon

    Helped me with my Question.

  • Kathaas

    fast and accurate awnser

  • Linkthehero

    S/he is a great assistant

  • Kaminara

    Helping! Super Helpful! :D

  • Shopon

    Woo thanks

  • Prophetheus

    Very quick response!

  • Xailo

    5 stats for jessie

  • Shiny

    Very cool

  • meliodas Redfox

    Friendly, replies fast, excellent in answering my queries. 10/10 will ask again.

  • Heux

    excellent service!

  • King G?rebane

    best support in the world, never let her go

  • Pan Daru

    Good service, nice english! Everything!:)

  • Frigging

    Excelente and kind service

  • Lilhootie

    10/10 a great help <3

  • talespin

    nice =)

  • Head Ache

    Very helpful and informative on every question that was asked!

  • Brainráge

    Fast, helpful

  • Skullss

    Nice and Fast Support

  • Angelababee

    allways fast and easy to work with.

  • Nixoz

    Pro and fast as usual :) !

  • Ekatn

    Great service ;D

  • Cyperius

    Thank you! very fast delivery!

  • Ciansatlas

    Very good, to the point, and fast answer/help with my question

  • Anurok

    I'm too good

  • Thundastruck

    great service and quick! even though I messed up a little! sorrry guys

  • fanelia

    Awesome and Competent help :3 10/10

  • HolyKawaii

    Very responsive and professional.

  • Dr?yden

    Friendly, fast, and great customer service

  • Roxy Enjoy

    Fast response and good service.

  • murael.8753

    Consistently great service from live chat

  • Shylár

    Great and quick service

  • Gennzaimon

    ill purchase the service after the update comes out, just want see how much i will need for new gear.

  • Hightu

    Awesome support !

  • Riku Sakurakouji

    nice and long talk :)

  • aizorn

    Excellent customer advice and support!

  • Lyadri

    Very fast response time

  • Záíd

    A prompt and polite response :)

  • Iron man

    Fast, friendly, perfect

  • PlumagedAsh


  • YoHXoNe

    Extremely competent.

  • Xmdma

    Very good!

  • Rain Heartnet


  • Hiramii

    Fast help!

  • sleni

    thank you for answering all my questions and verifying the order!

  • Smoke Zilla

    very nice :)

  • Something Stupid

    good and quick