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  • sephiirotht

    very helpful, quick responses.

  • Quanen

    Really nice live support :)

  • Boss Fish

    Fast Killer Fast Love it so much keep up the great work!! ill keep bring my money here <3

  • Power5

    Great Support a really kind person and very helpful

  • Camopp

    always helpful, very kind, very professional

  • Eyliselia

    much detail

  • Djmilkyx

    very fast and nice!

  • Lechethis

    awesome service, friendly staff :)

  • Clarisse Larue

    Awesome =)

  • Black Hellebore

    SEAN IS SO HELPFULLLL! ! He is upfront very friendly to talk to. I feel comfortable!

  • snorlaxx

    Sweet service but no coupon code :(

  • Kwarxee

    great listener

  • Mr_FataI

    refunded money

  • Psayrin.7602

    Quick support

  • Momón el oscuro

    please stop sending me adds on ff 14 its getting old nice girl tho she was friendly

  • Xya Miller

    Helpful, quick and just a good chap all around :)

  • blg krlt

    promised me the service! very nice to me, good service!

  • prisonerx

    Very friendly and patiente :)

  • Zangaan

    fast as usual...thamks

  • Zukoo

    quick and efficiant

  • Kiza.1823

    Very kind and professional Service...

  • ARni

    Very nice !

  • Django Banderas

    Thank you for the great assistance and the efficiency ^^

  • Kitnaas

    nice chat thanks for all

  • Klom Jysun

    very good service :) ty

  • Aiyana Catori

    fast thank you

  • Lingzhing

    Great help ^^

  • Smedy

    i gave the wrong information, but Allen fixed it for me. Thank you!

  • Woodsy.6590

    Kindly and available

  • Nostra Belladama

    perfect service answer all my questions

  • ottomi

    absolutely lovely <3

  • Kuomae Laertii

    so helpfull

  • Leiron Sien


  • Mindfunk.5687

    Great help:)

  • bboby

    Wonderful help :)

  • Shiino Asada

    Great job!

  • Parla

    my one and only source of service, trustable and reliable as always. keep up the good work

  • Amara Targaryen


  • Hadesz Soul

    top service ging richtig schnell und bin jedes ma aufs neue wieder zufrieden . klasse team

  • Sayuri Hayashida


  • Shinsui

    Fast pro reply. <3

  • SkAsHi

    hot girl

  • vixxie

    You are the best !!!

  • Survivinghope


  • OB

    As always, amazing friendly service

  • dancing duckie

    This is the only company I do business with. Because of excellent customer service

  • Mozia

    She is amazing ;)

  • illenvadar

    Lovelly person.

  • Rhade Solaris

    3 days

  • Leonidas

    very friendly and helpfull.

  • eddi.2790

    very good and fast response

  • Minertailor

    fast and friendly

  • Musachi

    Prompt and polite! Very good experience

  • Rias Gremory.7462

    fast and good response

  • Silver Blackmill

    was and answered all my question

  • Niliela

    nice help :)

  • sansirien

    super service

  • Wolf H?wls


  • Falcradium.6784

    Was a lovely and professional chat

  • Jills Sandwich

    Pretty good service

  • franz.4918

    Jessie very very good

  • Tiri Thon

    Great as always :)

  • brozeng

    Very helpful and trustworthy.

  • Kálínda

    Very Kind and helpful ^^

  • Dark rojas

    Really quick to answer and gave a good explanation aswell

  • Marth Lucina

    Ty for your help. Have a wonderful and blessed day in Jesus. :D

  • refref

    Always great to deal with

  • PonPoon

    Very quick and pleasant. Thank you very much!

  • cupcake eater

    Fast and friendly service, understood my order and delivered it fast.

  • Shinsui

    the help was fine, but Little too complicated maybe :)

  • drular

    Emily is easy to talk too and gets right down to help with what you need! =^ -^=

  • Lithies

    i gave the wrong information, but Allen fixed it for me. Thank you!

  • Charlotje

    Very quick response and answered my question immediately.

  • Sekien

    5 stars for you love you YOUR THE BEST.

  • Herenya Flare

    fast and clean

  • Spartacus Salimandor

    this person helped me alot and even when it took a long time the remained patient i realy had a good experience thanks to this person

  • Fargo777

    Got the help and answers i needed

  • Zage

    Great service and fast response

  • blozu

    Extreamly helpful

  • ron

    great guy and quick answer

  • Leeyloh

    got what i needed

  • Murasaki Mizuchi

    Allen did a great job was fast and prompt

  • ?h??

    Fast & easy :)

  • Geanmishel

    Very polite and helpful!

  • Ylkrad

    Super duper helpful!

  • Frostmane.7453

    top :)

  • crazychief

    great friendly and fast delievery

  • War pigz

    best support in the world, never let her go

  • Vetur

    fast and helpful !

  • Ciansatlas

    ty so much:)

  • Alexis Lucifer

    Fast. Responsive, holy mess, so helpfull! 100/5 stars!

  • Luther Kraven

    Incredibly fast!

  • Neeko Miyuki

    Great service!!! Had a mixup and everything was handled with great care and support. Will be coming here again because of this.

  • orangz

    Excellent, and fast

  • Ashrieel

    quick and easy and to the point. Very good serviceand didn't have to wait! Waspolite andrespectful!

  • Skilled Player

    great job

  • Simon

    10/10 Best guy!

  • Kain

    Allen is a great lad doing great work. God bless him

  • gunstroker

    ... THE... BEST! 5/5

  • Dastin

    Very nice employee, If deliver is on time I will sure buy again!

  • msbeckham

    Superb :) fast and fully accurate answer

  • Lanai Gara

    phenomenal service. thank you so much for all your help

  • kelloggs.6932

    ... THE... BEST! 5/5

  • Hikimonori

    Allen was really helpful. She is really into helping me and I had a very good feeling being treated by her. 10/10 would recommend!

  • Yuri Auborne

    John is the best! :))

  • Skorri

    good servies

  • Eji Mazaumi

    Fine response and good answers..

  • cupcake eater

    Fine response and good answers..

  • VeGuart

    Very helpful and calm

  • Donny

    5 star

  • Hiwa Kita

    Great help, very fast service!

  • Rukiryo Haragin

    not 4 star 10 star jessie <3

  • Tifa Lock

    Always very helpful. Super quick service.

  • Mercury KC

    Wnderful as always! Very quick

  • darkjellyman

    fast and good ty

  • póuttu

    Fast ~

  • yagada.9583

    perfect service, quick and firendly delivery

  • Edrack

    very nice chat and fast response

  • maggioo

    thank you for your help :)

  • akane

    Good, fast and speaks proper English.

  • skippsa

    fast and helped right away

  • RaveN.3794

    Very polite and extremely helpful. I will recommend all of my friends based on my pleasant exeperience!

  • Danyell Walker

    really great

  • Zipsta

    good and fast

  • Deaxing

    Very nice operator

  • Roy

    Jolly good show mate <3

  • Bash B

    respond fast and kind :D

  • WL Riven

    i thank them very much , it is fast and very nice ,i like to buy with them.i am more than happy to keep it up .

  • eddi.2790

    lovely service and smooth solutions ;)

  • florisgoc

    really kind :D

  • Aggrigatus

    Great service and very friendly!

  • Arkronus Sancti

    Gread atendent thankyou so much for the help

  • Pontiac

    Very hopeful

  • John Silvers

    Thank u very much! Very good service <3

  • DerNomis.3876

    +1 star

  • Khu Alhabila


  • Envice

    nice job

  • Aldruth Hunt

    Jessie whas verry helpfull :)

  • Konata Izumi

    very sweet girl!

  • denimdemon.6230

    Fast and Good operator

  • Islif Ironheart

    very caring

  • Sir Amic

    Very helpful with information

  • m?ndelkubb

    Very helpful and straight to point.

  • Andres

    Dude. Is. Chill.

  • fenmuer

    great information and solved my issue

  • Oxito

    Great help and friendly

  • LRoseL

    realy nice

  • Wall?s

    Emily have the best service on this website.

  • MrAvalon

    As always excellent service

  • Akuma Soul

    don't pay by phone it doesn't work ...

  • ciddorulez.9105

    Great service !!!!!

  • Kornath

    Very helpfull and kind.

  • Muddle Trance


  • WhatEverDD

    10/10 a great help <3

  • Texas forever

    Jessie was awesome..tnx man....ill stay on ure site buying my stuff...

  • Little Box

    perfect service, quick and firendly delivery

  • prince

    best site ever

  • Ilani Hearthfire

    great server and very fast

  • Hero Gar

    Jessie is very kind and helpful, thank you Jessie :)

  • Keutgens

    fast and furious!!!!

  • Rygart Neil

    quick response and helpful

  • Zoretez

    Nice support!

  • Yehn

    Fast service and friendly people ^^

  • AzalieKai

    fast and helpfull

  • DrakGuadian

    Very good customer service will be coming back ^^ . Was very happy with them

  • unlEashedMagic

    very fast and nice service :)

  • Andurielle

    Good and fast enough

  • Rae Tavia

    nice and quick. thanks !

  • Chydenius

    really helpful and straight to the point!

  • Lavica Darkstar

    Fast delivery and great service every single time!

  • Anathíel

    Perfect help

  • Kassumi

    thank you for your quick service.

  • kriMZN

    not 4 star 10 star jessie <3

  • m?jo

    Service has been absolutely fantastic every time. Thanks again!

  • Zuhryek Nyx'a

    Awesome service thank you!

  • Iceyy

    Good service, very fast and clear and polite.

  • Caius Blackburn

    Excellent transaction, great communication.

  • kabila

    fast service, good communication, thx!

  • Venustus

    Great :)

  • Brave One

    was very patient with me during a transaction

  • karzull

    Fast answering, and takes up to 90 mins for delivery! FAST :))) GJ

  • Rivian Ivalice

    very helpful and straight to the point enjoyed working with sean!

  • Amy Greywater

    Jessie is great

  • Zeric.9275

    A prompt and polite response :)

  • Emerald Edo

    Awesome support, thank you

  • Valigni

    Quick response, fair price ??

  • hofmanz

    Yay Jessie


    Very fast and kind help

  • Gin Seng

    very helpful and made me feel more comfortable when shopping here. will use more :D

  • Bers

    Quick response, great temper, very operative.

  • Male

    A Service

  • abraaj

    Fast, knew the my problem, friendly

  • Eròs

    showed a lot of patience

  • Alice

    Great help.. fast.. gets things done!

  • Gazza

    fast reply and courteous

  • Senri Kiba

    John was great ! did excellent trying to resolve my trade

  • gelovigenzo

    Leo the best!

  • Allenhunter

    fast and helful

  • Hawkwork1234

    very kind thx jessie

  • Kaebriel Ethandral

    Very polite and responsive

  • Loky Reverant

    Literally took seconds for my service to arrive.. Like my old rating 4stars with flying colors..

  • Noah Estheim

    Great service, very nice

  • UmbrellaforSun

    Answer <3

  • Granado Dirkajoker

    Sean gave me a good deal thanks

  • Requiiem

    Excellent customer service! very satisfied.

  • Demonicslayer.1649

    Very helpful!!

  • ChordsofBow

    Quick response! Thanks

  • DessaChan

    thanks for the info! good job!

  • Seth Graves

    Fast and simple :)

  • Selindar

    The person that helped me was very professional and knowledgeable. I am very please with the service and will return again :)

  • Georgie Porgie

    nice and fast service

  • abdu.7165

    Wonderful help :)

  • tuggin skuttles

    Wonderful service, fast and easy.

  • Dotnshot

    But still an ok guy.

  • Yuke Asuna

    fastest service ever!

  • SinWah

    Fast response and answered my questions. Great!

  • Jukade

    excellent service, perfect support!

  • Juran Mareth

    nice helps :D

  • TastyM

    Amazing service and response time!

  • Coughy

    interesting =) positive

  • Blank

    Sean is always great to work with

  • Valerie York

    Fast and polite.

  • A berend

    it always charged me dollars.. i don't know why it showed euros... and the order history is not in my account... that i did not like

  • Solona_Avail

    Very professional and helpful

  • Fosler

    very sweet girl!

  • ghostmunchies

    Literally took seconds for my service to arrive.. Like my old rating 4stars with flying colors..

  • Nala Fortuna

    Jessie is the best!

  • Chachacha.5806

    very helpfull. awswer all questions fast

  • Pokethulu Kukuzigo

    Fast respond !

  • check

    Great Support a really kind person and very helpful

  • Yelina storm

    awsome, very fast and good service!

  • Dweebz

    Nice Support :)

  • Sir Growbin

    very polite and fast customer service

  • Kitty Tia

    good customer service :D

  • Retegade

    Highly effective

  • Magnafea

    very professional and quick replies

  • Racialist

    really amazing service fast / quick communications

  • dyl

    good !

  • Asukà

    Always top service, best response time and help.

  • imhotèp

    Helped me through the process, and responds quickly.

  • monchita

    Awesome and friendly

  • Noxee

    I love you

  • Ajmax0

    Fast gold delivery, thanks!

  • Durótán

    Wonderful and helpful. Thanks for everything!

  • Legend Origin

    great service give emma a pay rise :)

  • Senjougahara Azura

    Good Service ! i would give 5 stars!

  • Relio Clemens

    Thanks Emily

  • kissishot

    Great , fast, an reliable customer service. Overall satisfied

  • night myst

    Very great help..

  • dorpan

    Very helpfull and nice!

  • Sarem Hauberk

    Jessie is a beautiful girl and I'd definitely take her on a date and buy her nice dinner.

  • palazaki

    Fast and friendly response even with unfortunate news

  • Shawn Watgons

    Sean was extremely polite, efficient, professional and had a personal customer service touch, that's why I love coming to you guys time and time again: you are the best! :)

  • Lortex

    Excellent and quick customer service! Can not wait to buy again!!!

  • Lans3nik

    excellent help

  • tojden

    Hope this promise is keep or thustpilot will get a bad review.

  • Unikalt

    Thanks a lot! :)

  • Tiamat Qc


  • Carmela

    Wnderful as always! Very quick

  • SenseiJarppi.3790

    Fast and easy

  • Cindy Xiong

    very nice customer service would buy again :D

  • Sparty Green

    Very informative and helpful. Couldn't ask for better service.

  • stella stria

    really nice guy!

  • snustrollet

    friendly and helpfull as always :)

  • Pavel

    Always sweet

  • Addiena

    5* fast delivery and great customer serivce

  • Cpteemo

    Lucie is excellent

  • Trinity


  • cafeimbat

    Fast service very good thank u

  • Exadee

    Good Live Service!

  • Yc Kimoji

    Thank you for helping me today jessie! always nice and professional.

  • skippsa

    polite and practical advice,

  • Stache Mcdash

    Excellent work, thanks!

  • Litheda

    Need more of him/her.

  • Leia Kennedy

    Very Quick and cheap transaction. Recommend.

  • Arma Geddon

    Very nice!

  • Whists

    great helping very clear and not rude nice people !!:)

  • Shibas Scotch

    rly nice help and friendly :)

  • Barrtok

    great service! very fast!

  • Van Blaze

    great service! :)

  • Angrypastry.7530

    Good helo.

  • Anonymous

    Very helpful and friendly :)

  • Koriey


  • Accoy Liv

    would use again

  • Ryushlln

    Very quick help fixing an error I made on my order

  • Experiment Forty-six

    great customer service, very polite and fast. thank you.

  • Esau

    they are real an legit!!!

  • rockypie.9381


  • Crimson Balmung


  • Holdstrom

    Leo is super helpful!

  • Selic Fyre

    Thank you for your help

  • God Ownz Ya

    really fast and cool thx a lot

  • Kaitsar

    Job done

  • demuur

    fast service amazing as per! :) will reuse!

  • ashen wulfedge

    great service like always

  • Alisha Le

    Fast problem solving

  • yunsi

    very fast as always :) decent price

  • MBC

    Best employee you have!

  • Vonbeest

    very nice and polite great service =)

  • M'rej

    Was very nice and answered all my questions very respectfully!!

  • Da Bigboi Lucas

    always quick and kind replies from you guys

  • Vekezu

    super awesome job and extremely fast delivery

  • Zenntu


  • Yuee

    Really nice, friendly and helpful person

  • Smoken Boreas

    Great Support! 4/4 ?

  • Albinoq Wyman

    Eficient !

  • Dextêr

    on point and quick

  • Rei Neko

    Sealed the deal and made me buy gold.

  • Eramir

    Brilliant service. Fast and incredibly helpful especially for newcomers.

  • phoneyasteroid.8509

    Shes great

  • Buinator

    Super fast responce

  • OneCat OvO

    A as very helpful, answer my questions very quick and was very professional and kind I would like her every time for help ??

  • unabletoverify.5742

    excellent service, perfect support!

  • Neptuno

    Very nice service. Satisfied!

  • @xxjustin93xx

    Lucie , allways kindly and supper service , manny thanks XXX

  • danriugw.6340

    Fast response and kind!

  • Monki Doni

    Very kind and mature

  • hornysmonk

    I've gotten this support person 3 times, every time was great!

  • Lord Tyraniik

    Very friendly and Helpful ! Awesome service

  • Killuaxv

    He knows how to comunicate with pissed of ppl right now i am again patient but last time

  • Blodhgarm

    Really helpful and Fast responses!

  • Petey

    Top notch

  • Scrappydappy

    Very nice and helpful, thanks for all the help

  • spellskite

    tnx for good service allen ^ -^b

  • Femké

    The best optional service

  • hykku nightwisp

    quick and good service

  • Johnny Dangerous

    Very helpful and fast delivery!

  • bgfury

    Really nice and helpful

  • A berend

    best service like always!!

  • Roxy Enjoy

    just a easy question

  • Megoo Chan

    very good service !

  • Phixy

    i wish i would give 5 stars

  • ignis Fortuna

    please stop sending me adds on ff 14 its getting old nice girl tho she was friendly

  • leon hellblazer

    Helped answer my question

  • diego.2084


  • Xiaolien

    good, fast customer service.

  • Theblackcow

    Friendly and Helpfull Support thank you very much!

  • Sylveon1992

    professional and very quick to help

  • Arcana Gnosis

    Mehh - coulden't speed up the process for me, but i guess that was not his fault - so all in all fast responds and informative.

  • Ark Lupus

    very fast and nice!

  • lZeroRequieml

    Nice Service as always. Thanks

  • rhya

    best support in the world, never let her go

  • Sensitivity

    Very good customer service

  • rayingi

    Great! :)

  • Mifune

    respond fast and kind :D

  • SunBreaker.6850

    5 Stars ;)

  • paracetamol

    Sean is the baws!

  • harkness lionheart


  • MT519

    Perfect service.

  • Doochie

    Didn't have to wait for representative at all!

  • sphonx

    very kind jessie ><

  • Miriael Sabathiel

    They were super helpful and helped me adjust my order rightfully.

  • Stesilem

    Very fast very professional help thanks a lot!

  • Kirie Sunrise

    good the attention :D

  • Lexicon Moonflyer

    so helpfull

  • Takao Hideshi

    Very friendly and fast service!

  • Wishbane


  • Som Dabomb

    very goog

  • Yui Nuka

    honest and trustworthy

  • foxy nogitsune

    amazing service fast precisely to the point very recommended :)

  • Me

    i was helped kind and correctly. response was quick.. So happy client

  • nightassassin

    Allen was very helpful when i selected the wrong server. I will be purvhasing more from SSE in the future.

  • awkward bob

    Awesome and swift employee. Fixed my issue straight away.

  • Nhen'a Mharack

    Nice & very helpful

  • erwin

    Understanding and clarified my request.

  • Swift

    thank you

  • Lysienne

    friendly and efficient!

  • Heidi Yolks

    give this man a raise !

  • Sir Of Deaths

    10/10 will buy again because of his customer service

  • Saaboo

    Awesome service...Thank Sofia

  • afterafterparty

    Good Job !

  • Rasbungy

    Very nice.

  • Blue'eyed Beauty

    Always fast and reliable.

  • Zeru Nova

    Great support :)

  • 1.11E+16

    rep was helpful...

  • Kerrigan

    John is the best! :))

  • brewswillis

    Jessie is the best you got in this website

  • tunicojf

    Fast, efficient and reliable.

  • Seraphim Sokar


  • Crow

    Jessie was great today, wish I could have given her 5 stars.

  • pikachou

    schnell und kompetent, danke dafür

  • HasanSabbah

    very helpful.. TY

  • sparklepony

    Good support! :)

  • kousoki

    great help ! got no complaints

  • Milfred

    very quick and courteous, a great experience, I will return

  • Nioritha

    super awesome

  • Kuomae Laertii

    Very Helpful with my order and quetions

  • Rudol

    like Always you done a great job thx a lot

  • Odile Deray

    Possibly the most helpful person I've dealt with in chats to date. Please, thank John for me and him him a hug!

  • d3s3rt

    very helpful and quick~

  • Godann


  • Epnztarr

    i hope it works well

  • mortalstrike

    easy and configurable conversation ^_^

  • SyraOfAngmar

    thanks great guy

  • Taluki

    Very helpful and stayed on the chat even when i forgot about it. Impressive patience and efficiency.

  • Overdraft


  • Kuji Crowleyy

    perfect answered my question and gave me a honest answer would give 5 stars if available

  • Saerlin

    Thank you for your help. You guys are great!

  • gustevish

    nice and helpfull supporter

  • Irshe

    Perfect !

  • Risgar

    Emily did a good job helping me with my order

  • Fallenangel

    Sean is the baws!

  • DGmasegee


  • i'm chebberz

    Very friendly and helpful operator

  • Goettlich

    thanks for the info! good job!

  • Kaleigha Starr

    Thank you for resolving my issue and hopefully I get my service soon. Been a member with them for a long time!

  • Chedtangs

    Great service and fast!

  • Andre.7084

    Sean is one of the best customer service guys. Thank you!

  • Seyck

    Emily is awesome!

  • petite fille

    Polite and fast answering :)

  • Sinitrol

    thank you for such courteous and professional service Elvis

  • Baggermain

    quick thank you

  • NeoSaigon

    Even tho I looked like a troll, but was only curious, I got every answer I seeked, really satisfied

  • Juran Mareth

    Really cool, and helpful !

  • Pachao

    Very satisfied! Reese was such a good agent.

  • kousoki

    Fast transaction, great seller !

  • Bacotje

    Faster, and excellent service.

  • Hetairoi Vince

    Fast help

  • Illian

    Super fast i like really wouold recommand 5/7

  • Mabele

    Fast and efficient

  • Zeronix

    Thanks for your help.

  • Materialger

    great service awesome people

  • Iron Storm

    Fast answering, and takes up to 90 mins for delivery! FAST :))) GJ

  • Thorriin.5064

    nice and helpful guy

  • kimpeez

    Good nice

  • G'yoji Kin

    Thank you for resolving my issue and hopefully I get my service soon. Been a member with them for a long time!

  • Daruma.1983

    Nice Service

  • Iwar

    great listener

  • Sephirah Masamune

    nice work Jessie !!!

  • Lysh?a

    Keep it up!

  • Eori Etheris


  • Atticus

    Very helpful and patient.

  • Decent.6895


  • Sanaran

    Great help and kind guy!

  • Frostraynê

    answered my questions

  • Rastalama

    fast easy and helpfull support

  • Helena Rubinstein

    I love this service :)

  • hofmanz

    I love you

  • Hikari kaioh

    ty sean

  • Super' Mario

    Have patience and is very helpful ;D

  • Madeline Usher

    fast response and good service!

  • deuslupos4209

    Helpful, and walked me through the process

  • Colider

    Was very helpful :)

  • Gimmiehealz


  • MagicPepper

    Awesome support

  • Sam R

    excellent service.

  • Amy Greywater


  • zhaokai

    Nice and fast response :) !

  • Etorion


  • Ani Shikima

    Nice & very helpful

  • dread fyre

    Amazing and friendly

  • Vallrik Stone

    Thanks for the help!

  • Tragicflaw

    Honestly strives to help every time.

  • Tahotu

    was very friendly

  • Vondess

    Another excellent support

  • Deef Stormcrow


  • puffra

    Top :) thx

  • riderrayane.9457

    They were super helpful and helped me adjust my order rightfully.

  • Ajcamo

    awesome service thanks

  • seige

    very helpfull.

  • Orion Shaw

    great customer service!

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